Friday, August 10, 2007

My Upsidedown World

Blogger is back!

Now that I may have a few more stories I will fill this space more often, I promise.

Ok, so I have arrived in Oregon! It was a long flight, as expected, though I had some great seats on both trips and really couldn't have been more comfortable. I didn't have to sit next to any .. ah.. undesirables, in fact, the only thing that didn't happen was sleep. The movies were trash too. Spiderman 3, In the line of Women, and other wasted time when we could have been watching Bourne or Potter or any number of movies I have actually wanted to see in the past few months.

Flying over LA is always an experience. Flat, wide and virtually a concrete carpark as far as the eyes can see (which from a plane is seriosuly disturbing)
At 9am the 12 lane Freeways were jam packed and the smog was so thick that from ground level you'd forget it was a clear sunny day. I'm used to a patch of smog over the edge of Sydney when there was no wind, but this was 10 times worse. Anyway, the smog goes right up the length of the coast. If these people can't see how that is going to kill us let alone the environment then no amount of awareness programs will help.

Admittedly there are supposed to be a few bushfires adding to the haze, but I couldn't see any fires from my window seat.

So LA was a concern, the airport confusing and large. Though the stampede did seem to move fairly quickly and whenever the queue got too long they would open up another section to get things going.

The US government now has my photo and two fingerprints.. something to consider, since the Aussies don't have mine yet!

Anyway, long story short, I arrived in Portland. Megs met me at the gate and everything was great. The drive home is only 20 odd minutes - but we stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone. Too sugary, but good. I think I like things a lot simpler than the "all american". Megs' house is beautiful.. photos will come.
From the balcony I can't see another house, just Douglas Firs and Big-leaf Maples. Deer, Squirells, and the pets! (goats, chooks, 4 or 5 cats, and one dog)

Mr and Mrs Lawrence, (Russell and Carol to everyone) have been very generous and welcoming. The dinner last night was absolutely fantastic, and as I pushed through the overtiredness I finished 2 solid plates worth of the Salmon and extras. Well fed I crashed around 8.. and now I have just gotten up.. 14 hours later.

Hope you are all well, I am off to put the camera to use.

Until tomorrow.. A