Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hampstead vs Kirwee

Kirwee were pretty confident coming into the game, so it was especially tasty to go down to their ground and kick them off the top of the table last weekend.

The game started with a fury - we scored twice in the first 10 mins but then the Kirwee forwards rallied and before we knew it our ten point lead had been squashed to a half time deficit 10-19.

The second half the boys dug deep and produced a great final 40 min. A real try fest. My man of the match was big Fijian Morisi McGoon who worked tirelessly and lead the forwards well. Highlight though was definately Spencer's first try for the year after complaining last week that he "never scores".. It was the first time we've seen Spenny jog back to halfway.

Final Score: 45-24
Tries: Fonze 2, Steve Paese 2, Eddo 2, Spencer Massiah
Cons: Sia Fifita 5

Photos below are of Satisi and myself having a laugh on the foggy ride home on the bus. Also Manase enjoying some reggae no doubt. Then finally the points table. We have had a lovely weekend off but play the grudge match against Collegiate on Tuesday Night.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some reason to play FOR Hampstead

Some people ask me why i chose this particular club.. I must be honest and reply that I would rather play with Lua than against him !! This photo from the weekend paper helps to illustrate.
There's a reason he is second on our try scoring list ~ how do you stop a 112kg canon ball? Answer: you don't.

After the weekend we have now moved up into fourth place. Three very big games coming up in the next three weeks against sides placed 1,2 and 6.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hampstead vs Burnham

A belter of a day for our boys. We ran in twelve unanswered tries against the Burnham based NZ Army lads. It really shouldn't say how bad they were, more a reflection of our backline really starting to turn on a show. Above Brian, Davey and I relax and have a laugh up in the grandstand.

Final Score: 74-0

Tries: Eddo 4, Tukulua Tolu 2, DJ Gleeson, Siola Fifita, Mafua Ula, Mac Kaitoa, Morisi McGoon, Aminio Mataivou.
Cons: Eddo 6, Siola Fifita 1

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Competition Tables

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hampstead vs Leeston

Lua, Ali, Eddo and Francis - Tired Victors
A good run on Saturday to go with the weather.
The forwards stuck together pretty well despite Lua getting ten in the bin for repeated high tackles.. as they say.. "to have a good long think about what you've done." Then to boot Satisi got a red card (once again for repeated high tackles), effectively we played with 14 men for 30min of the game. Leeston were on top of the ladder, so we were very happy to be able to score two of our tries in that last period of play with one player down.

Final Score: 27-20
Tries: Lua, Radio and Eddo
Cons: Eddo 3
Pens: Eddo 2

Alipate (Ali) and myself enjoying the last rays of sun.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Snow time

Went to pick up the youth group van this morning as we're off to support our band. They're playing a gig down in Timaru tonight (45mins south)

On the way home it was pretty nice to see NZ looks to be putting in a better show for the ski season this year. Snow top to bottom already.

Beautiful morning, hope yours is as beautiful as mine.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hampstead vs Darfield

We had our grade photos before the game this week, as you can see - it can be hard to make the guys sit down and be serious. Still, when it came to the business end of the day we got the job done against a top six side.
Final Score 24-17;
Tries: Siola Fifita, Tokulua Tolu, Eddo
Cons: Eddo 3
Pens: Sia 1

Sadly the Waratahs, Brumbies and Reds could not fly the Aussie flag but how good it was to see the Western Force come up trumps in South Africa. Scott Staniforth could well find himself on the bench for the Wallabies. Below he takes another stand for the fledging side against the Bulls.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

! Press Release !

He has returned ! .. No, Not the Lord.. but After so many absent months Sydney's most active socialite has relaunched the site that broke the hard working daily grind.

For years a gathering of the elite on Sydney's North Shore has not been complete without the presence of the man that connected all circles; nerds and jocks; jews and gentiles; singles and marrieds; AFL freaks and Soccer fanatics! The days of Aussie Day Celebrations at the House of Fun could only be rivalled by the AFL Grandfinal which indeed resulted in the bachelor pad being painted Red... Thanks Stace!
Ah, yes.. The lady that tamed the animal. Somehow it does seem fitting that the ultimate Host and Hostess should get together. Even if it did take a few years to figure they had it all back in June, 1998.

Ofcourse, it did not take long for the word to spread that such a well respected and renowned website was the perfect place to have wedding and engagement photos. A bright idea, turned into a following, indeed into a trend and then a raging whirlwind. The rate at which couples were dropping out of singledom and onto the photo list of was snowballing. Suddenly, it was the place to be! Whispers were heard on corners, in sushi bars and in starbucks.. had people been lawfully married if they weren't featured on nickbell? One could watch bridesmaid after bridesmaid taking the steps toward being the last down the isle. And now.. December 30 will see the man released from his camera duties, slide into a sleek number and swoon the lucky lady.

The all new site has some sparkling additions including a random photo generator and a view counter on each thumb (so that aspiring young bachelors and spinsters may know if they're looking the goods). Plans are on the way for comment space and links to other socialite centres but for now, don't delay! Get that multitasking forefinger clicking and get back into the swing of things at NICKBELL

Harvest 06

Saturday night was another awesome night out with youth group. We rolled in to Christchurch where an evangelical outreach event was being put on by an American Group called
Harvest Ministries. With the New Life Church, also from Ashburton, we took four buses of rampaging teenagers in to see the likes of Satellite (Easter Camp Band), The Katinas, Audio Adrenaline and Steven Curtis Chapman. The main attraction was the talk from Greg Laurie. Harvest actually ran over three nights, saturday being aimed for youth age groups. The message was very down to earth and obviously reached out to many of the 9,000 in attendance as 893 people walked down the front at the conclusion of the talk to give their life to Jesus, or find out more about it.

The bands ofcourse we amazing and I could hardly believed it was free!
So I bought a few cd's afterward to help the cause.

1 - the kids i could find!
2 - warming up..

3 - Audio Adrenaline in full swing