Tuesday, May 02, 2006

! Press Release !

He has returned ! .. No, Not the Lord.. but nickbell.com.au. After so many absent months Sydney's most active socialite has relaunched the site that broke the hard working daily grind.

For years a gathering of the elite on Sydney's North Shore has not been complete without the presence of the man that connected all circles; nerds and jocks; jews and gentiles; singles and marrieds; AFL freaks and Soccer fanatics! The days of Aussie Day Celebrations at the House of Fun could only be rivalled by the AFL Grandfinal which indeed resulted in the bachelor pad being painted Red... Thanks Stace!
Ah, yes.. The lady that tamed the animal. Somehow it does seem fitting that the ultimate Host and Hostess should get together. Even if it did take a few years to figure they had it all back in June, 1998.

Ofcourse, it did not take long for the word to spread that such a well respected and renowned website was the perfect place to have wedding and engagement photos. A bright idea, turned into a following, indeed into a trend and then a raging whirlwind. The rate at which couples were dropping out of singledom and onto the photo list of nickbell.com.au was snowballing. Suddenly, it was the place to be! Whispers were heard on corners, in sushi bars and in starbucks.. had people been lawfully married if they weren't featured on nickbell? One could watch bridesmaid after bridesmaid taking the steps toward being the last down the isle. And now.. December 30 will see the man released from his camera duties, slide into a sleek number and swoon the lucky lady.

The all new site has some sparkling additions including a random photo generator and a view counter on each thumb (so that aspiring young bachelors and spinsters may know if they're looking the goods). Plans are on the way for comment space and links to other socialite centres but for now, don't delay! Get that multitasking forefinger clicking and get back into the swing of things at NICKBELL


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This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.


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