Monday, April 03, 2006

Hampstead vs Waihora

There are moments in life.. where something little happens and suddenly we're transported back to a place.. a person.. a memory;

Saturday took me back to the glory days at Tryon Road, where I used to run out for the Lindfield Pigs. Moffatt will remember this most clearly by me running late for TC leaders meeting on wintery tuesdays.. :)
Why did it take me back you ask?
Was it the score? The players? the Ref... ?
Unfortunately not. The Soldiers Memorial Park was more notable for the cricket square stretching across the middle of the ground.. and the ability for the pitch to resemble a cheese grater after some rain and a sunny friday. The hampstead ground thankfully has no cricket heritage.. but regretfully did have the rain and sunny friday. The result..

The game itself was a mix of good play and a disappointing last 5 minutes when the guys dropped their heads (got lazy) and let the visitors in for a try, shamefully losing a winable game by one lousy point. 17-18.

No point crying about it, I'm sure the super-coach will make training this week a sufficient example of what happens when we get lazy!



At April 03, 2006, Anonymous lunch said...

Time to switch codes.

The Emerald Green has already had some early season success thanks in no small part to our two rugby converts.


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