Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hampstead vs Harlequins

It was a sorry day for Rugby over here.

The game was called off at 35mins due to fighting. There's not too much to say really. As far as I'm concerned there are 2 reasons why people play sport.
i) To enjoy the game (contest) and have fun.
ii) To win.

I don't mind which motivation someone may have to play, but it was clear yesterday that a third reason had come up on the bus from South Canterbury.. To hurt, break and destroy anyone that was within arms (or boot) distance. I got rucked in the back of the head.. Francis didn't take that too well, then another guy got kicked.. and our boys again responded with a flurry of fists. Then after two more blews .. (This was all in 10mins) the referree gave one final notice.. after which Lua flatened their no.8 in the very next tackle.

Below: Lua isn't small...

Game over.

For the record we were up 7-0.

After such a hollow and disappointing start to the day it was quite interesting to see how the teams still managed to shower.. get changed and socialise for 3 hours after the incident.. I could hardly believe it.

Francis and Myself at the clubhouse


At March 13, 2006, Blogger MP said...

Crazy huh. Hope you're head is alright. Keep up the posting.


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