Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Random Week

Its been an up and down week or two for me.

The down first, I got the dreaded tummy bug last tuesday night. Consequently spent Wednesday and Thursday wishing I was dead, even after the worst had past.. it has taken till today to truely feel over it all.

On to the Up! ..
Church and Biblestudy have been great, and the people there are my 'home away from home'. Of note: Bevan (73yr old widow) invited me round for lunch after church on Sunday. He cooked up a quality.. ah.. bachelors meal. Which I enjoyed but more to the point we had some really good chats about his life, Ashburton and our church. Truthfully his meal was better than anything I'd have cooked that day, I am thankful for any meal that contains 3 veg!!.. I mean. one is a good start, right..

I have started leading the Yr8-10 guys and girls on Friday nights and Sunday morning. My first week went really well and I am excited for a few upcoming things:
i) The series I'm running through on Mark
ii) Easter Camp.. with kids from all over NZ. Promises to be a crazy event!
iii) Youthgroup night out in two weeks to the Crusaders v Waratahs match. Go the 'Tahs!

David Jensen, Minister, continues to be a great encouragement to me. It is clear he cares for each and every person who walks through the doors.

Other thoughts..
I'm still a massive fan of expensive ice cream with frozen chocolate topping. Life's little pleasures can only get so good!

Ricky Ponting: Cricket's answer to Mohammad Ali

Massage Therapy.. 1hr a week. I can't quite express how much this has improved my experience of NZ.

keep it real people


At March 29, 2006, Blogger MP said...

Wow sounds like you got some pretty exciting things happening over there. I wouldn't mind that massage every now and then.

Good to hear that you church is going well. Hope your boys aren't as bad as we were for you back in TC.

At March 30, 2006, Anonymous lunch said...

mate, great to hear that you're getting stuck into service and leadership

also great to hear that you're still supporting the 'tahs!


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