Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hampstead vs Southbridge, Methven and The Mo!

Busy week,

Last thursday night we played Southbridge (well known for being the home club of Dan "the man" Carter, All Black No. 10)
Ran in 4 tries to one.. Mafua Ula, Tokolua Tolu, Brian Parsons and Myself. Final score 32-10

We hardly got penalised after the opening 10 minutes a very encouraging game for the guys..

Then yesterday we played Methven at home. Methven are supposed to be one of the form sides down here, but today we pulled out our guns and started firing! Final score 44-6.
We ran in six tries, two to debut winger Amini.

Tries: Amini 2, Radio, Francis Ula, Morisi McGoon, Tokolua Tolu
Cons: Eddo 4
Pens: Eddo 2

Controversy of the day was Brian BP Parsons withdrawal after a suspected quad strain in the warm up.

More photos uploaded later this week. In the meantime
this is what happens when footy boys get together..
Facial hair growing dares and competition,
All in good fun, and practice for Movember

What sort of man grows a Mo?

  • He’s a man with a love for life and with a lot of living to do.
  • He’s the first to be invited to a party and the last to leave.
  • He’s a man with confidence, a leader not a follower, he sets the trends that others follow.
  • When he takes off on a unique experience count on him taking a full bodied thirst quencher along. For his golden moments are often enhanced by a golden thirst.
  • He’s a great bloke, a great mate and a great lover.
  • He stays true to the Mo.



At April 24, 2006, Blogger Justin said...

You can defend all you like.

There is no real justification for a mo.

Tell me I'm wrong.


PS Get my email, Eddo?

At April 24, 2006, Blogger dave traill said...

sure there is. eddo, looking good so far, but more like the hulkster, please!

justification: in the movember celebrations, everyone will have one, so you won't feel like an 80's throwback.

plus it's fun...

well done on the weekend eddo, keep those wins going.

At April 24, 2006, Blogger Matty said...

mate, im more keen to see you go for the merv hughes 45 degree angle mo. gives the impression of fire shooting out of the nostrils.

also loving the mohawk, in the mould of thorpe, hackett, hackett and thorpe!

At April 24, 2006, Blogger MP said...

mate that is the dirtiest mo i have ever seen. u look like hitler.

At April 28, 2006, Anonymous maca said...

I agree with MP - that is the dirtiest mo I have ever seen. Its gotta go. Are you sure you aren't tucking your jeans into your mid-calf cowboy boots?

At June 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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