Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Camp 2006 Part 1

Ashburton Baptist Youth Group

I have just got in from an awesome weekend away with New Zealand's Youth Groups. Over 3,000 kids from 84 different churches converged on Spencer Park just north of Christchurch. We had four days of great talks, seminars, fun and dead set craziness. There were live bands every morning lunch and night, outrageous stuff like mechanical bulls, helicopter rides - no joke!, skate ramp, carnival rides like any easter show has, 40ft water slides, rifle target shooting, a rave tent "the groove room", a movie theater, bungee trampolines, cafes run by youth groups to raise funds for mission trips, latin dancing lessons, band comps, world vision had a second hand clothes stall, NZBMS (bible mission society) had an info tent, touch footy comp, volleyball comp, jelly wrestling turned mud wrestling, cage soccer and other stuff i never got to!

An amazing thing that cooks from home can take as an encouragement, these guys fed the 3,100 odd people flawlessly everyday. In such a way the U.N. should be taking a closer look. I'm not kidding, every person had their food in 10 mins flat every meal time.. I have photos to prove it!

I'll give more details after as four days with the guys and girls has left me understandably drained.. some photos below.. but many more to come!

For the glory of Jesus,


At April 18, 2006, Blogger Matty said...

But i know that you now realise that no activity tops 'scungy olympics'.

It's awesome hearing about what's happening across the ditch mate, im still reading! The rugby sounds sweet, im also so encouraged that you have been able to get involved with youth ministry... still, we gotta meet back at the Village green to play '1-2-3-kick the ball at adrian'.

Just started up my own blog to let people know whats goin over in the land of poms, its:

At April 19, 2006, Blogger Matty said...

oh and i forgot to mention..

simone looks absolutely massive.

pity about the girls name.


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