Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hampstead vs Collegiate

Not much positive feedback on tonights game. It was ugly headless chook rugby. The only players I can stand up for are Spenny - who had a great game at the top of the line-out and Fonze.. who absolutely creamed their No. 10. Great tackle.

Yup - other than that, I passed 100 points for the season. Nice to get it done before the grand-final this year. And Canadian Dave got his first points of the season. I'm sore sore sore - shower and bed.

Final Score: 21-13
Tries: Eddo, Davey Nielsen
Cons: -
Pens: Eddo

No photos.
But in the interest of warming me up after playing in NZ cold here's one of my favourite holiday destinations in the world. Brownie points for the person that guesses and Megs - you're out of this one. Cheerio



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