Sunday, June 04, 2006

Youth Group All-Nighter

As far as planning and running overnight events with teenagers go, this one went off without a hitch. 8pm to 8 am - 12 hours of fun and games . and red bull. Ha.. lots of red bull.

After earlier finding out the was no dry or decent wood down at Wakanui beach Brett gave Mitre 10 a call and they kindly donated all their spare wooden pallets. I certainly enjoyed thinking back to the younger years and watching "that boy" .. you know the one who just can't help but play with the fire. Just doesn't seem to matter how many times you tell them to stay back or stop throwing rocks, does it? I have renewed sympathy for Graham Poole and Nick Sieveking aka Crusher and the patience they showed, not only for me but for Dave Asprey and Gordon Chiu, both displayed some disturbing pyro tendencies.

After the bonfire we headed down to the skate park armed with the trusty wheel barrow. Sadly my housemates barrow didn't quite survive one of the jumps unscathed. Brett's trying to straighten out the axl for me.

A few movies, a short talk from Brett and a couple of games from weary old me got us through to 8am. I got home around 9 after the clean up and went straight off to an u/11 coaching clinic where I was helping Pommy Tommy out. It's all OK, its a long weekend and tomorrow I plan to stay in bed.. no Dad to come in and wake me up, not even a housemate to disturb the peace. Mark and Spenny have headed down to do a wee bit of Duck Shooting in Invercargill.



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