Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another Winter Weekend

I must say it has been a constant battle. I'm talking about the decision on whether to stay up and watch the soccer, get up early and watch or just stay in the safety and warmth of my bed. Right now my battle is whether to catch a cold in the next 5 hours before Brazil v Australia starts..

Oh, there is a fourth option.. go to work ??

It feels like one of those "no right or wrong" questions..

Anyway, the weekend:

Hampstead vs Celtic

We had to drive an hour up the road to Lincoln University to find a ground that wasn't covered in snow. In the end the weather was perfect, a chilly breeze for sure, but nothing compared to our home ground. The Kirwee game was the last time we did anything together as a team, that was two weeks ago... and it showed.

We were up at half time 10-7. and that was about it. Final score 24-10
Shane tried making wholesale changes in the team, not sure why, we were doing fine before.

Tries: Steve Paese
Cons: Brian Parsons
Pens: Brian Parsons 1/2

Moving on from there, I was all fired up to watch the Wallabies take on the Poms in Melbourne. Certainly was nice to see the Wallaby backline tearing a few holes. English and Leicester Tigers winger Varndell won't want to play opposite Lote Tuqiri ever again.

Of course Tom and I teamed up to cause a stir through the town..

And we succeeded.

Other than that I have nothing to say but that it has been cold.. real cold.
I watched ice form on the gutters this afternoon while I lay in bed pretending I was in some far away place that was hot.


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