Monday, June 26, 2006

There's joy in the world.

Its been a funny day. Nothing special about the day itself.. I got up at 5am.. Went to work. Left at 3:30. Came home.

During the afternoon though I was smiling from ear to ear. It all came from some fairly sombre thoughts. I was thinking about Sam (Qusay) and all the stuff different people must be going through, also what must have been cirlcing round his head. While I was thinking about him, I started thinking about myself... my life.. what I've done, where I've been.. who I love.. the laughs, the pain, the mistakes. I realised my life has been way beyond awesome.
So many good memories. Funny memories of things I thought would ruin my life at the time, but now that I'm on the other side.. It seems silly that I let anything worry me really. You know, I couldn't think of one thing that I would change now, if a change meant I wouldn't be at this exact point in my life.
I have been lucky, blessed, with a stable family and growing up in Aussie. I don't have the painful history that some of you have shared with me, the kind of things I would do anything I could to take away from someone I care for. (Along the road of a macho male friend/boyfriend, the temptaion is always to try and solve or remove the problem, when I can not. I've learned now to console and shoulder rather than solve. Its a feminine skill, hard to master.)
Some of you may not agree out there, but I am convinced that giving these things over to God is the only way to really heal deep scars and find freedom from a haunting past.
Anyway, back at work, I had the tunes flowing through the earphones making time fly and the smile getting bigger, the voice getting louder.. Music is a universal love is it not. If you took the top 10 songs or artists from every person you know; each choice would have a person they could identify that selection to. As each song went by I would think of either who introduced me to that song, or who it reminded me of and why. I am really keen to publish that list tomorrow, but for now I need to focus on getting to bed. Aus v Italy starts in 3 hrs.. Is it worth going to bed??

From now on I've decided no more soccer stories.. You all know I'm watching the games, so if you have a world cup hunger please visit either
Kingos or the Boys on the Hill. Both lots of guys are having a ball in Germany.



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