Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Who is Luis Medina Cantalejo of Spain?

In time we may forget his name, but the world will remember how he robbed the Aussies at the 2006 World Cup. As I sat, wrapped in blankets cursing the curvature of the earth and NZ's distance from our 'life-giving' sun, my jaw dropped in disbelief as another referee was fooled by yet another Italian dive. What a bunch of flamin' pansies.. can't beat us fair 'n square.. so lets cheat just a little.

Ignoring the fact that that single decision cost Soccer Australia millions in prize money for making the final 8.. If we were Colombia or any other dodgy underworld country Little Luis would be top of a hit list. .. My hit list.

The departing coach, Guus Hiddink, who is off to revive Russian football now, had a word of advice for Australian football authorities: "The momentum has to be used to develop the game in the country. It has become the No. 1 sport in Australia right now in terms of attention."

Tri-Nations Rugby starts in just over a week. RWC 2007 is around the corner.. The Ashes Test series has sold all available tickets already.. The injustice may remain, but soccer will slide right on back to its rightful place in Aussie Culture. A game for kids whose mums think it's a safer game. Well, this will go on as long as the English Premier League continues to be the magnet for Aussie soccer hopefuls.

Below: Coach Guus is left to console Lucas Neill while Little Luis looks on.


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