Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have put this off for a few days so that I wouldn't write anything I might regret. All I can say is that being an Aussie in Canterbury after we lose to NZ in a Bledisloe Test is painful. Tom and I took the Canadians down to see some quality rugby,.. and it was a good game I guess, just felt a little isolated out there. Davey wore a green jacket which I did try to warn him about.

Interestingly in the Christchurch Press there was an article from a Cantabrian who believes the booing and other rah rah that is handed out by the locals here is out of line.
"..But it was disgraceful the way the most boorish crowd in New Zealand rugby jeered a hardy group of Australian fans attempting to warble Waltzing Matilda."
Definately worth a read. Especially since Dad is always telling me that Aussies are the most arrogant of supporters and commentators going around.

The main lesson has to be that there is nothing good about being second best. (Zinedine Zidane, Rocky Elsom, Wayne Rooney and Radio all being Red Card receivers in the last two weeks.) Only we didn't lose our game when Radio went storming off hurling insults at the referee two weeks back.

'Course we did go to town for a few hours after the game but I was forced to remove my wallaby jersey as the bouncers wouldn't let me into the bars, lets not discriminate here !!

i) Pulling the Tom Pym driving/talking technique.
"nah nah.. its alright.."

ii) The green and canary yellow..

iii) The silver fern


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