Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hampstead vs Prebbleton

We won 14-8 on saturday, our last away game before the finals. Things got a bit stressful during the game and Radio got a red card. Just living up to his nick name.. can't turn him off. Still I was impressed when he demolished a whole smoked chicken on the way TO the game.

Tries: Eddo, Aminio Mattaivou
Cons: B Parsons 2

Sunday: I did half of the Level I & II NZRU coaching course. Pommy Tommy was helping to run it so we had a few laughs. Got lots of reading to do before we do the second half and do the tests on July 23.

Some sad news, Mum's Mum.. Granny Bear has been in a very bad way this week so Mum is off to Johannesburg at 6am. It will be a hard trip to make on her own.



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