Monday, July 24, 2006

Ups and Downs

It has certainly been an up and down weekend.

Saturday began with us taking the lead in the Semi-final only to lose, again, I'm not going to go into details about certain refereeing decisions that everyone in town found pretty horrendous. In the end it was 16-7, our only points coming from a great team effort and captain's try to Sia. That hollow feeling of losing in the finals I haven't felt for over 6 years now. I think I had forgotten just how ordinary it is.
Try: Siaola Fifita
Con: Eddo

Needless to say the team went off in a few directions that night and drowned their sorrows where they could find solace. I ended up under a doona on the couch at home watching the NZ v South Africa game. Davey, Mikey and I all had the final installment of the NZRU Level I & II coaching course to complete 9-5 on Sunday.

The course was a heap of fun down in Timaru, South Canterbury. The last hours were spent watching the U/18's Rep Selection Game (Town vs Country) and doing technical analysis, then giving feedback to the whole group on certain topics. Oh, we were lounging in the corporate box soaking up the beautiful afternoon sun and trying to act intelligent. There was one kid out there who was the spitting image of Coyote .. He's not too hard to spot, he's on the far right with the #1 on his back.. and the sensual mullet hair-do.

Mikey - Myself - Davey on the way out of South Canterbury after a successful day.

I guess Sunday was the "Up" after Saturday.. but the best was to follow. The news is I will be home from Fri 4th to Tue 8th of August! Sturt's wedding is on but there's also talk of getting a croud together for the Swans match at the SCG 7pm. On Sunday my folks will kindly host a Barbie for anyone that is keen to catch up and break a beer with me for my 26th. If you can rock on by drop me a line, email preferrably, so I can get enough snags.. (and veges for the girls). . Hope to see some of you soon!


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